Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Star

Jeffrey Radt at Look Up Fellowship posted about the Star of Bethlehem today...and he got me thinking about stars....about how television and movie actors are called "stars", and "wishing upon a star", and the death star of "Star Wars"....and Nibiru, and Wormwood...anyway...I only got to watch the first 10 mins of the video that LUF had up but it is amazing! So I repost it here, in 3 parts:


  1. Looks interesting. I'll make some time to watch it over the next couple a days:)

  2. Hi Ma,

    The video clips on LUF are in 7 parts and at first I thought the above were the same video divided into 3 parts. Much of the information is the same in each series, there are some minor differences. I put the other series up in a follow up posting when I realized they were different. After watching both I now see that there are more similarities than there are differences, so to have both is very redundant and removed the 7 part series. If you want to see that one it's on Jred's site:

  3. The planets

    I am intrigued by this theory.

    I think he's saying that the conception of Jesus was on Rosh Hashanah, and the birth about June (which after checking a pregnancy due date calender shows would be about the summer solstice..very interestin') of the next year, and then the wise men show up about what would be our Christmas. So we would be celebrating, not the birth but the giving of gifts that the magi

  4. Hi Ma,

    I saw that also, about the Magi I mean, and couldn't help but laugh about how man blundered his way into a partial truth about that part of Christmas...and how the devil tried to usurp it with "winter solstice" and Santa garbage...but that God had already made it all a part of His perfect plan.

    I've seen before that people think giving gifts at Christmas is evil because in the book of Revelation people that are evil give gifts to celebrate the killing of the two witnesses....however I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating and gift giving...but the intent of their hearts over what they were celebrating. We celebrate Jesus and what He has done, they will celebrate getting Jesus and those who belong to Jesus out of their lives....and rather than celebrating that terrible tragedy they should be mourning for the fact that their fate is sealed to an eternal doom that is darker than their quenching of Christmas lights.

    Satan's lies have turned God's world upside down. What should make people rejoice, makes most people angry...and what should make them mourn and penitent makes many of them haughty and defiant, as they are heaping sorrow upon sorrow on themselves to be reaped for eternity.



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