Friday, 24 February 2012

Getting to Know You (and me)...

Yikes! This portion (up to the *****) is an edit because.....
..... I didn't know I needed this on this post until I (just) visited Joanne's blog...The Rules!

  • You must post the rules

  • Post 11 fun facts about yourself

  • Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you & then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged

  • Tag 11 people and link them in your post

  • Let them know you have tagged them.

  • Now, since I like to bend rules You don't have to follow the rules here to a T. If you want to answer just some of the questions or pick less people to tag thats ok...and if you decide not to do this at all well that ok too!


     I got tagged (sort of)...Ma at Ma's Blog asked some pretty interesting questions so I'll give it a go, first 11 facts about me:

    1. I hate to be late, but I always seem to be running late, so I'm always rushing to get to work on time. I think I'm THE MOST punctual person there, lol.
    2. I LOVE bargains (although often I end up buying something at a really great price that I end up never using or needing)
    3. I LOVE going to the Dollar Tree Store (this kinda goes together with #2)
    4. I hate housework, but I love the results of getting it over with.
    5. I am terrible at keeping my important paperwork organized. Tax time is a nightmare for me. Funny thing is I got the highest marks at work for doing my paperwork. The boss said she had never ever given a perfect score before (I've got a lot of that -polar opposite stuff- going on, maybe that's why I'm always so confused)
    6. I LOVE reading, mostly books about history or biographies. That's one reason why I find the Bible so incredibly fascinating.
    7. I LOVE England! My vacation there was heaven on earth. I hope to go back one day.
    8. I'm part Asian, but I have absolutely zero interest in ever going to Asia.
    9. I LOVE matching accessories to my outfits.
    10. I HATE wearing makeup. I do once in a blue moon, and people that know me at work will ask “Who's the guy you are trying to impress?” because it almost never happens.
    11. I LOVE flannel sheets in the winter time.

    Ma's questions and my answers:
    1. What do you find strangely beautiful? Jellyfish...there are some incredibly beautiful ones, yet kinda eerie looking...
       2. Are you a morning or night person? Definitely a night person, didn't even have to think about that one.
       3. Do you go to a church, if so, what is it like? Not a brick and mortar church, although when I attend one with family or friends I love it (the music and the message always seems to hit me right where I am at the moment) and always am refreshed by it.
       4. If you could've been born in any time period what would it have been? The Victorian era fascinates me.... but also I think living in Jesus' time would have been awesome if I could have been one of the thousands He fed loaves and fishes to. However, that time period is disturbing to me...people like Herod, and Caesar, and cleanliness was much more of a problem then (I think)...not much indoor plumbing and washing machines, etc. Boy have we got it easy!
       5. What one thing could a person put on a sandwich that would ruin it for you? Pickled herring.
       6. Are you afraid of getting older? Yes and no, I hate getting sick.
       7. What do you miss about being younger? I can't really think of anything, I had a difficult childhood...
       8. What do you NOT miss about being younger? I always felt terrorized, I don't now, so I suppose that's one thing I definitely do not miss.
       9. What is your favorite song right now? Music isn't really my “thing” this is a really tough question somehow. I do enjoy works by Handel, and (edited to add)... Bach was a genius...

      10.What is the messiest part of your house? Definitely my spare bedroom...but my living room is a close second right now because I've been pulling boxes of stuff out of the spare room to shred, and sorting through stuff...Aaaaargh!!!
      11.Do you think it is okay for kids that you don't know from the surrounding neighborhoods to show up uninvited to your house to play? (research for me) No, not uninvited. My daughter had a problem with some of her neighborhood children showing up and taking sodas out of her fridge in her garage whenever they felt like it, and they went through a lot of soda!....she had to put a stop to it. I think boundaries are good and children need to learn how to respect other people's boundaries, and learn what their own are as well. It is part of proper training, and teaches them (the offenders) how to control themselves, and know how to set their own boundaries for others to respect in their (those offenders) personal situations as well so they won't keep creating chaos in other people's lives.

    Now for others that I need to tag...well, not sure that many regular visitors would accept the challenge, or want it (as Ma also pointed out) so I'll put it “out there” for anyone who wants to follow up with these questions (If you read this far into this posting, consider yourself tagged):

    1. What is your favorite dessert?
    2. What bothers you most in your day to day activities?
    3. How do you cope (besides prayer, I'm considering that a given) with annoying people?
    4. If you could change one thing instantly in your life, what would it be?
    5. Where is the one place in this world that you want to someday visit before you die?
    6. What do you think most people find ANNOYING about you?
    7. What do you think most people find ENDEARING about you?
    8. What is the one thing that you do better than most people?
    9. If you could meet anyone in history (besides Jesus, we already know you want to meet Him) who would it be?
    10. If you could have something (a tangible thing, like “the Hope diamond” or a Lamborgini, or castle in Ireland, as for since those are suggestions, you must think of another one, lol) that right now seems absolutely unattainable, what would it be?
    11. What is one thing many people don't know about you but you wish that they did?


    1. I have to laugh about the bargain thing, cause I do that, too- I'm trying to quit, though. I would love to read more, but I really don't have time right now...someday:) I also like all things English- though I've never been. I'm pretty sure I'm mostly of English decent..maybe. I don't know definitely all European, though. I should hold onto my accessories I never use for you. I don't wear much makeup either, but do a little- it's pretty scary without it.

      Jellyfish are beautiful---and dangerous!

      The Mr. is a night person too. I act at night the way night people act in the morning.

      Pickled herring!? Have you run into this?

      I'm sorry about your childhood. That should be the one time we can look back and have good memories.

      You have sophisticated taste in music;) You can't go wrong with that stuff. I went through a classical music phase in my teens- Right after the movie Amadeus came out. That Bach one was beautiful!

      Thanks for your advice on the kids thing....this is something I'm wrestling with right now. I know my kids will be having friends around, I just wasn't ready for it, I guess. And kids just invite themselves over.....well! I never. My kiddos wouldn't be allowed to do that, but I guess everyone isn't me. I have to set the boundaries and I'm NOT good at that. The Mr. isn't home when this is going on much of the time, so I gotta get a backbone- (also NOT good at it)

      I will probably peruse your questions and comment later:)

      1. "pickled herring": LoL, I couldn't think of anything, I love onions, tomatoes, mayo, but Ken had me try his pickled herring straight out of the jar one day, and I definitely can live without that! Ugh! not fond of anchovies either...check out what some people put on pizza! Yikes!

        maybe it's good...I'm very skeptical...I do enjoy fish as in "fish and chips" or grilled trout, but...

        Ken and I are opposites (day and night, lol) and he is thinking about us going into trucking and doing team driving...I'd be the night driver. Now there's an idea! :D

    2. Loved your answers and questions. I was also 'kinda' tagged and played along with Ma but like your questions so much that I'll answer them right here, haha.

      1. chocolate 2. Time flies too fast 3. I try to ignore annoying people 4. Our roof 5. Iceland 6. I'm very opinionated 7. My nose? 8. Sleep 9. William Cowper 10. Indoor swimming pool 11. My past


      1. #8 LOL-ROFL

        I think my friend Ken has to have you beat on that one though! (I can't imagine ANYONE getting more rest and naps than him, sometimes 2 naps in one day!!!)

        Now I have to look up William Cowper :)

    3. Replies
      1. Are you going to do it, Jedidja? I hope you do! :)

    4. Replies
      1. I hope you do it too, S.O.L., I'd like to find out more about you :)

    5. 1. Chocolate chips
      2. Running out of energy at the end of the day
      3. Avoidance
      4. I would change our immediate surroundings (but not our house)
      5. Israel, I suppose. I would like to visit the US plains and see some tornados.
      6. I talk too much
      7. ? I guess I can be funny
      8. Multi-task- or at least I used to be able to
      9. That's a tough one. Maybe the sinful woman who washed Jesus's feet. I always wanted to meet George Harrison, too.
      10. I have a thing for 70s muscle cars....totally impractical. I guess I would like one of those to drive around the country in.
      11. The REAL me. Whatever that means. I just mean that we don't really KNOW anyone, but if we did, I think we would all get along better. Am I making sense?

      1. Ooooh muscle cars! I've always thought the GTO was really super cool! My mom always likes Mustangs, which my brother also ended up adoring, he fixed a 68 Mustang upfor his bride (my sis-in-law--lucky woman)

        and about #11, I think so... sometimes I had thought that too, that I get into trouble because people just don't understand me... maybe, but I know that I can be a real butthead about things at times and then want it to be the other person that has me all wrong (and sometimes the other person does have it wrong---hey we each get a turn, eh? lol), sigh...


        I love it, I needed a laugh this morning. I had to stay home from church with two under the weather little boys who are now watching a movie. I do think it is our nature to misunderstand people...I don't know why. As hard as we try, it is SO hard not to be self-centered and think everything is about ME (and I do mean ME). I wish so much sometimes that I could really, REALLY, see where the other person is coming from without jumping to conclusions.

        My dad had a '72 Chevy Nova when I was a kid, I always thought that was cool. I'm more of a Chevy than a Ford fan, but Mustangs are pretty sweet, too:)

      3. Hmmm, interesting....about understanding each other, I think THAT is what will make heaven truly heaven, because we will fully understand what Jesus is really ALL about, and we will truly be like Him at that time, and fully understand each other in a way that we do not right now, and it will be completely wholesome and wonderful, better than the best day of socializing and rejoicing here can be. Won't that be awesome!

        I say that sometimes, I've said that to my "atheist" friend at work that I've heard it said that "for some people this (world) will be the closest they will ever get to heaven...and for some it will be the closest we ever get to hell"...and when some joke about having fun in hell while others are bored in heaven, they haven't a clue what they are talking about.

    6. I love Handel and Bach. Thanks for the music!


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