Friday, 10 February 2012

The Information War

I love this series (Know Your Enemy) of Youtube videos. This segment gets into the translating of the Bible into the English language. It's interesting to me that the King James only people are so sure that the KJV of the Bible is "the only acceptable English translation" because at the time it came out, the Geneva and Tyndale Bibles were considered the acceptable versions and the KJV a new corruption backed by the Anglicans who were hostile to the Protestants. Lots of great info on this segment of the series:


  1. Hi Susan, I am feeling pretty tired and weary right now. My reason for KJV isn't that it is the ONLY English version acceptable, it's the ONLY one I (me personally) know that isn't directly polluted by the modern translation works of Holt and Westcott and Schofield. So IF something like a reliable version isn't settled then what do we have left?

    I just want to be able to communicate without all the translating back & forth between half a dozen versions in a class being hashed out. That is counter to studying the bible to me. Were we fooled for the couple hundred years that KJV is trustworthy? Can anything be trusted that is written down by man?

    You see I have an impatience problem too!

    I never had my hands upon either the Geneva or Tyndale Bibles. I don't like Joseph Farrah or WND who push the Geneva while also pushing for a war to "protect Israel" in the Middle East so I have a prejudice toward it and an "arrogance" about the KJV being good enough for me thus far and I frankly am not smart enough to try to sort out all the theology and history. WWIII is on the horizon and the Church can't even agree on the bible, maybe literacy isn't all it's been cracked up to be the last couple of hundred years...............More Grace, we need more filling of the Holy Spirit, more humility, and we may get it soon the way the world looks.........It seems the liberals AND neoconservatives are determined to ignore our US Constitution, so our country may be DONE. I pray our Lord infuses some conviction into the hearts of the true believers soon or we will wake up one morning in a conflagration they never imagined without their precious "rapture" theory being fulfilled to save them out of the chaos they all wanted. I am so frustrated and angry at the people who call themselves Christians who want this.
    I hope I'm wrong. Thank God He is greater than all this.

    Sorry for the rant, Susan, I hope you can understand that I value you as a Sister in Christ and I have presumed upon that to open up my true thoughts here. I greatly admire your honesty and sharing means probably more to me than it should what with us being only internet friends. I apologize for the presumption and ask you to delete this if you want to.

    Love to you in our Lord and Saviour Jesus and prayers for all of His church to find our way to His truth.

    1. "Thank God He is greater than all this"

      So true, Matermuse. I have things that I am so certain about (my soapbox issues) but when it comes down to it, the fact that God knows more about it than I think I do is comforting. I am sure there are many things I'm wrong about, so it isn't about me having everything right, it's about knowing THE ONE who does. ;-)

      Be sure to check out this website:

      They also have a link on that page which compares 6 older translations of the book of Matthew, and explains how the Bible was first translated into English, and about when verse divisions were first introduced. I still have to study this but I think it will be a fruitful study.

      I welcome your "rants", lol, you have studied much in areas I have yet to delve into and I do agree with you about all the deception that is leading us to WW3. The "Know Your Enemy" Youtube video series is excellent, so far. I watched many of the clips yesterday. They are very clear and concise, and I personally love his Irish accent, others may have difficulty in understanding him but I find him to be very easy to understand. I'm going to post more from that series. I've heard some about Semiramis, Isis, Mary Queen of Heaven connection which he also says is Jezebel of Revelation, and he explains many things about this I hadn't heard about before, as well as the Balfour agreement and the things the "those who say they are Jews but are not" have been doing in this world to worship their god who is satan. He explains it so well and provides many scriptures from both OT and NT, and when he explains things about Europa (I did know this already, but when he explained it things clicked together for me like they hadn't before) it was chilling to see how far we are into the end time scenario...and at the same time comforting, because I sensed throughout that although these things are true, Jesus is very much in control of what happens to His elect.

      You keep me on my toes, and that's a good thing. :)

      I like the look of your new website.

    2. My mistake...I thought the book only compares the book of Matthew between the 6 translations. Just was looking at it again and see that it compares the entire NT of these 6. The author in the introduction says that he hopes to do the same for the Old Testament. This would be great on an electronic book to take to work with is over 1400 pages!

  2. I watched a great many of videos in this series last year. They are interesting and well done, but I stopped for some reason...probably time!:)

    1. There are ALOT of them. Some of the "Queen of Heaven" stuff about Ishtar and Semiramis I already knew (from being SDA, they were heavy into exposing the RCC as THE false religion of the beast)... but like this series says, the false religion of the beast is yet to come (and maybe already here in the New Age stuff that is permeating all religions now). After I got out of SDA I saw the RCC as the church at Thyatira in bed with Jezebel...still the church but influenced by the whore. That is how this series seems to portray it also. Also much about how the Jews are being forced (through world wars and manipulated antisemitism) and duped to go back to their land with ulterior motives in mind, but that God is in control and will use that for their eventual salvation. Great stuff.


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