Thursday, 16 February 2012

More about Coconuts part 3

I followed a link which I KNEW would lead to an infomercial, but thought "oh well, maybe I'll glean SOMETHING from it..." it was about finding out the one food you shouldn't eat and it'll make you ____________(slim, healthy, perfect in every way, lol) . So after listening to him for almost a half an hour telling about how perfect he and his lovely wife have become by following his "simple program" which involves at least 4 books, a video, a few simple exercises, and being harassed by him and his wife via emails, oh, and some of your money sent to him which he promises to "refund fully if you aren't completely satisfied".... I decided to look up something he said early on in his schpiel... something about the liver needing to be healthy to process fats I decided to see if anyone else said anything about the liver and what we can do to improve it's function and health...and found it!!! This article also states that coconut oil is wonderful and easy to digest and easy for the body to use as fuel, and mentions alot of other things about how to get your liver, heart, and blood vessels healthy. It is informative and humorous. It's on and some people seem to have an aversion to that website...I've found alot of great stuff there, but maybe it's just me...oh well, if you get something good out of this, praise the Lord! :)


  1. That was a funny article:) I LOVE real butter and won't use anything else anymore. I grew up on "Country Crock". I buy my butter locally from a lady who deals with the Amish in the area. I've been buying it in 2 pound rolls, YUM!!

    I know that dandelion greens are supposed to be good for your liver, and they are free;)

    1. Hi Ma :)

      That's true about dandelions...he mentions milk thistle and I know that is great too (don't know what that is IRL, just in capsules, so I'm going to look that up)

      The article says something about NEVER using sugar, to use Stevia, etc, which I thought strange, need to investigate that one further too...

      glad u liked/enjoyed the article :)


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