Monday, 13 February 2012

Whitney Houston

Alex Jones put it out there about Whitney Houston's death and how "big pharma" is more dangerous than street drugs...well I do agree that BOTH are dangerous, but it is more dangerous to be complacent about legal prescription drugs by thinking that they are completely "safe", and the truth does need to be told about the fact that prescription drugs are overprescribed and overused. I personally do not use anything stronger than Tylenol, and even that I rarely take. Anyway, here's Alex:


  1. So true prescription drugs are big killers and so are the doctors that hand them out like candy.
    Thanks honey for remembering me on Valentines Day
    I hope your day was special

  2. "Always love you," those melodic words that flowed out of her seemed to come out with supernatural power.

    I wonder, does God our Father take us home early when we have used up what He gave? We saw so many talented/gifted go this way and so many of them had claimed to be Christians, but went to the world's guidance until these tragic ends.

    Drugs to me are as you say, but also as these entertainers show they enslaved and destroyed as does only witchcraft and magic exerting the controlling force over these tragic especially gifted individuals who "had it all".

    I think some of them crossed the line, were used up, and God said, "Enough!" "You're done! Come home!" or if they weren't His, "Go to your place!" :( So awesome, sad, and testifying to the weakness of the flesh and the inevitable return to our Gift Giver.

    1. Hi Muse,

      I wonder too, sometimes, who will be going where...but I do know that Jesus is much more forgiving and generous than I can imagine, and His judgment is perfect (mine is always wrong, even when it is right, it's usually for the wrong reasons :o( Love you! <3

  3. I have the same concern about the overuse of prescription drugs. Doctors are easily "labeling" people with Diagnosis such as Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, etc.


    1. Hi Doris,

      If a person is known to have a problem with using "recreational drugs" wouldn't you think doctors would have the sense to not just provide them with unlimited access to prescription drugs? That is a recipe for certain disaster. I think if a person is self-destructive they will find a way to do themselves in...but you don't hand a loaded gun to a suicidal person, eh?

      I think these doctors sometimes send a mixed message when they tell you that prescriptions should be used with caution and yet the doctors that cater to the "stars" throw that caution to the wind when they provide meds in quantities that encourage overuse. (doctors at the hospital where I work don't, they won't give pain meds to every junkie that comes complaining of pain)


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