Friday, 31 May 2013

Gay Pride Week

This week was "Gay Pride Week", and it began last Sunday, which coincidentally was Pentacost, the anniversary of the birth of the Church. I don't believe in coincidences, actually. I believe that there are people who deliberately chose Pentacost as the day to begin "Gay Pride Week". Pride is the wickedest of sins because it blinds us from seeing how truly repulsive our sins are before a holy God. God hates pride. So to have pride in behaving in truly abominable perversion and to openly and brazenly throw it in God's face on Pentacost is truly hateful as well as stupid. Do you think our nation deserves a spanking for such things? Do you think any of us are "innocent", truly? We all need forgiveness on a daily basis. Pride has no place in any of our lives, for anything that we do, unless our pride is in what Jesus does, and then it isn't really pride, it is thankful humility that does not need parading.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Gay Day at Disney World in Orlando Florida. I pray that God will prick hearts tomorrow toward truly repenting and sorrowing over all sins being flaunted in His face. I pray for the courage and strength and conviction needed to speak up as God gives me wisdom.

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