Tuesday, 21 May 2013

God Speaks

Oklahoma began "Gay Pride Week" on Sunday and gets hit with the worst tornado ever on Monday. Coincidence?



  1. God took the righteous out of Sodom before destroying it. I can't believe that He would destroy the children for the sins of others.

    1. God takes the righteous out when things get really terrible, true, and who is to say He didn't do that here, and with a warning to those who are rebellious. Our God is a righteous and holy God, as well as forgiving, and still giving them time to repent.

      I've been thinking about Hezekiah lately. God let him know that he was going to die and he begged God for extra time, and God gave it to him. 15 years. They were terrible years, and instead of leaving with a good reputation, he left in shame. God does all things according to His will ;-)


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