Monday, 10 February 2014

Conspiracy Theories and Where I am Now...

For quite a while I really "was into" reading, watching Youtube videos, listening to audio interviews etc, on anything that could be lumped into the category of "conspiracy theory". I say "was" like in "time past" AND however, I still agree that the "official version" of what happened to JFK and 9/11 is probably not "what really happened", and after watching hours of videos of the evidence for and against the U.S. landing on the moon, I still think we ( and by "we" here I mean a human being) never set foot on the moon.

 Well, can't say I ever went *that* far lol...

But be that as it may (I may or may not be right about any or all of that) it REALLY DOESN'T MATTER in the eternal sense of who I am in Christ. This world is going to hell in a handbasket, and I think anyone who has his head screwed on straight should know that by now, so knowing what the Bildebergers say behind closed doors, or knowing who belongs to the Illuminati club, really doesn't add or subtract from the plans God has for those who love Him.
*We (and by "we" here I mean those who are in Christ Jesus, washed and regenerated by His blood) are not of this world, and nothing that this world can do to us can thwart what God has in store for us, nothing.
*We will all die here ....

.....except for the ones who will be alive at the time of His coming, and that is AFTER some really horrific things will happen first, and then just when it seems all is lost and this world will completely self-destruct, Jesus will ride up from the clouds of glory on His white horse to save the day, and change it from mortal to immortal, in the blink of an eye. So why worry about all the dismal stuff that is going on now, and will continue to grow worse (as Jesus told us it would)? It is not to be our main focus.

 This reminds me of the Apostle Peter. When Peter was on the boat with the other apostles, and saw what looked to be a ghost walking on the water, and it turned out to be Jesus, Peter was so overcome with emotion that he wanted to walk on the water with Jesus (I guess he forgot that he was just an ordinary mortal). As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, the wind and the waves had little or no effect on him and he was even able to defy the natural laws of physics by walking on the water toward Jesus. His troubles began when he focused on the terrible waves that threatened to engulf him, and the wind that was kicking up those waves, and he sank down into that turbulent, dark, churning mess. But Jesus reached His hand down through all that frightening stuff, and pulled Peter back up.

I must admit that I was more than a little concerned, in fact I got very ill, when I learned about what was wrong with the official version of what happened on 9/11, and I was a bit spooked when I learned about Adam Weishaupt and how all the world wars and the NWO and the central bank were all part of "the master plan" to enslave the earth. Well there always has been a construct in place to keep the minions in order and enslaved to the hierarchy. As Solomon has said, "there's nothing new under the sun". So why am I not worried? Because Jesus has set me free from being in bondage to anything that is here to enslave me. He is my master, my only master, even though I have to live here under the dominion of kings, or presidents, or prime ministers. I am to pray for these men (or women, as the case may be) and respect them, while I remember that truly I don't serve them, I serve Jesus and Him alone, and He promised that He is in control of everything here, and that if I am forced to drink poison, or am being beamed mind-controlling messages from HAARP antennas, He won't let any of that hurt me if it isn't in accordance with His will for me.

Bottom line:

We are not "of this world",  we (who are in Christ) are ambassadors on a temporary assignment here, and Jesus promised that we would fulfill the things that He has for us to do while here on this temporary assignment. That's all that really matters.


  1. Very well written and I agree that we need to know what's going on in this world but we also need to know that we are not of this world like you said. Jesus will be coming soon and we will be in heaven with him.

    1. Hi Angela,

      We agree! Jesus is coming very soon, if you or I pass away tonight, then tonight is when we will meet Him, so we will meet sooner than we probably realize. Thanks for visiting :)

  2. What has been personally revealed to me is that much of the stuff about the Bildeberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, Templars and Masons is true, and it will be through such channels (along with a few others) that the Antichrist will consolidate his power. Ah, but we have been already given the final score of that game. So, there is nothing to be overly concerned with, and there is certainly nothing that can be done about what our Heavenly Father has planned since before He created this world.

    1. So true Jerry, it will get ugly, really ugly, before the Lord returns, but this world is temporary and He has promised us much better things. We cannot change His plans, nor should we want to. :)


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