Friday, 21 March 2014

Force Feeding a Cat

When I was first saved (a long, long time ago) I got the notion that it was my duty to now save EVERYONE. I talk about a dream that I had way back then on this blog post (toward the bottom of the post). About that time a young man told me that it was no good that I try to be the Holy Spirit for people, that I was trying to force people to "get it" and that doing so was like trying to force feed a cat.

Yeah, something like that, and I can get almost that determined too. But a kitty (even one that is a more common housecat variety) would have to be pretty near starving to death to require that kind of intervention, however, I had somehow decided people didn't realize they were headed to hell (rightly) and that spiritually speaking they truly are starving to death and that this required immediate action on my part. Yes, yes, and no.

Fast forward to today... I've accepted that your normal garden-variety hateful and hate-filled atheist is going to hell, period. Well, true that the Lord can supernaturally intervene in that person's life like He did with Saul/Paul, but anyway, I realize that for me it would be a hopeless cause. And I also understand that those who have a hunger to understand (like the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts ch 8) the Lord will make sure someone will help out. But what about those who are starving, and so near dying of starvation, and who think they are "just fine"??? I surely need to give them some immediate and direct intervenous assistance to save them from what they are just too happy to suffer, and because they are mere inches from a fate worse than death down their "road of life"??? Surely God requires due diligence of me; someone who clearly sees what is going on here???

Well....again that would presuppose that the Lord doesn't have a handle on each person's individual situation, and He does, no matter how much they hate Him, or insist that they know more about Him than the average stupid Christian does, or what have you, He knows everything, He knows IT ALL! The imagery about us being His hands and His feet on earth is a nice story, and He does use us to do His will from time to time, but He doesn't always require it. Besides, the best thing we can do for others in spiritual dire straights is pray. We see Moses doing it for those wayward Israelites time and time again, some of those Israelites were beyond that "point of no return" and some learned the lesson from what they see happen to them...

Yeah, the situation with Korah got him into alot of trouble with God, for sure, and even though Moses tried to intervene, well, the rest of the people were pretty shaken up about it but I think God got through...

To summarize this: I still struggle with trying to force feed a cat, when instead I just need to stay steady on the course to finish the race the Lord set before me. If I were in a race, and I tried dragging unwilling "would-be participants" who really don't want to be in that race, dragging them kicking and screaming, is that really accomplishing ANYTHING? And yet I continually try to do just that.

Heb 12:1-3 (ESV)

since we are surrounded
by so great a cloud of witnesses, 
let us also lay aside every weight
and sin 
which clings so closely, 
and let us run with endurance
the race that is set before us,   
looking to Jesus, 
the founder and perfecter of our faith, 
who for the joy that was set before him 
endured the cross, 
despising the shame, 
and is seated 
at the right hand of the throne of God.   
Consider him 
who endured from sinners

such hostility

against himself, 
so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted.

So true, and amen.


  1. Lol, love the comparison.
    We cannot make a person believe there is a God or believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. Even if we did get them to see, without the Holy Spirit convicting them their salvation is not real. It is only the Holy Spirit that can allow them to see. Our job is to plant and water, it is God's position to give increase.

    Just on Friday past a young man in our youth group gave his life to Jesus. It was the sweetest experience I was witness to. The moment he said he believed in Jesus' salvation his whole face lit up. I could see the presence of the Holy Spirit enter him, it was so amazing!! That is something we cannot force on a person. It is something they need to come to on their own.

    You are a sweet soul! I love your desire to see others saved.

    Blessings sister,

    1. "Even if we did get them to see, without the Holy Spirit convicting them their salvation is not real. It is only the Holy Spirit that can allow them to see."

      So true and proof that we are formed in every way by our Creator...and to say "that isn't fair" is further proof of misunderstanding the whole thing completely. We "deserve" nothing, not even our mortal existence is deserved. How can we deserve something before we ever were alive to deserve it? I hate waste. I try to save EVERYTHING (reason why I have so much stuff, sheesh). My husband is patient and patiently helping me to throw things out that I don't need...and it is a picture (somewhat) of our Lord's perfect ability to know how to manage a fallen world that is in such disarray.

      That is awesome about witnessing the entering in of the Holy Spirit. Not by might or by power but by His Spirit! (Zechariah 4:6) :)


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