Monday, 19 January 2015

Good Angel / Bad Angel

(great link btw, "70,000 thoughts per day"!)

We've all seen the image of a guy with a "good" angel on one shoulder and a "bad" angel on the other, each vying for the poor guy's attention, and we (when we are "good") root for the good angel to win, or sometimes we jokingly cast our vote with the "bad" angel, the underlying thinking being that the bad is more fun and that God wants us to be deprived of fun.

But where do our thoughts come from?

If you are honest you will confess that some thoughts are down-right evil and need to be tossed into the garbage dump of *where trashy thoughts go*.

How do we decide what is good and what is bad?

Is that true?

The Bible tells us that we are born into sin and that our spirit fights our flesh, so that is what I'll go with, although we all realize that there are good influences that pull at us as well as bad. It makes me realize all the more how hard atheists have to push away such an idea and think that it all originates from themselves. "It's all about me" seems to sum up their attitude no matter how gentle and sweet the act they put on...many ditch the act and let all that ugliness have full reign.

What about you? Do you think there is a good angel on one of your shoulders and a bad one on the other whispering ideas into your head? Or do you think everything that pops into your head originates from yourself, or organic sources like yesterday's dinner?

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