Thursday, 25 August 2016

Busy Summer and Eternal Security in Jesus

Tending the garden has sure kept me extremely busy. Last night we had a nice bit of rain, so it affords me a few extra moments that would otherwise be spent watering the vegetable garden. God is so good! ...even when we forget to thank Him, which is more often than not.

I allowed myself to get tangled up on a group on Facebook that talks about end times and how to be a "prepper". There is a woman on there that talks about how you can lose your salvation and talks about the evils of Calvinism at every turn, so I kept trying to put out her fires....but this woman does not give up! Don't try to confuse this woman with the facts! lol, because she knows better than anyone else, and sadly fancies herself a teacher, one that instills in her followers a subtle lie that you can undo what God does in your life. I found myself getting frustrated, a sure sign that it is time to back away, and pray.

But thankfully I did find a couple of good blog articles on eternal security. Hope you enjoy them too!

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