Sunday, 17 April 2011

"Beginning of Sorrows" Steve Quayle

I'm not so sure about what he says about the military vehicles in China because I don't see how his source could have counted 100 wide by 100 deep (not sure I understood what he was saying about that, have to listen again) but there's alot that he says that I'm in full agreement with him about, such as that the Chinese and the Arabs own alot of American's debts, which should have us VERY concerned. Also, I work in a field where I have to know a little about radiation exposure, and what he says about cumulative exposure is correct:

I don't hold to the same survivalist ideas that Steve Quayle has, buying silver and gold and a water filter won't save me when the time comes...the preparedness I feel is needed is the spiritual kind, being confident of my salvation and knowing God will see me through the bad times no matter how bad they get. Knowing that God will see me through is no excuse to then therefore be like the proverbial ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand. Jesus said to watch and to pray. There is a need to be aware of what is coming at us, and to also know that our redemption draweth nigh, as things grow worse and worse, the time of His return is also drawing closer and closer.

Remember the saying "It's always darkest just before the dawn".

Come quickly Lord Jesus!


  1. Hi Susan,
    I didn't listen to this show, but have heard some of his warnings in the past. (Sometimes I think his theology is a bit off...and I'm not talking rapture stuff:)) What did you think?

  2. Hi Ma,

    I haven't heard much from Steve Quayle, I think I've heard him on one other broadcast before, so I really don't know his theology at this time, unfortunately.

    He says in this broadcast that he has on his website alot of survivalist stuff for sale, like self protection devices (I think he mentioned some kind of knife?) so I believe he is in this for profit...which rings odd to me, if you truly believe we have so little time before the total SHTF, why are you trying to cash in on it? He's talking about buying gold and silver...why??? I mean if he truly is a doesn't quite mesh...

    It kinda reminds me of the guys in the 1840's that told the Christians that Jesus was coming back that year, so those Christians gave away all their stuff to these charlatains, and then, of course, He DIDN'T come....yet....

    But there are things that do cause me to sit up and take notice, such as the GOM oil disaster, and the nuclear radiation, and the fact that our money is practically valueless and propped up on all kinds of artificial "life supports".

    I listen to these things, but I don't take THEIR advice, lol. I try to listen to what God has told me in His word. :-)

  3. Yeah, he does try to sell a lot of stuff.

    They will be throwing their gold and silver in the streets...that is in there somewhere, so stocking up or buying up is in the very least a temporary measure.

  4. Was just reading a Vigilant Citizen article from one of his websites, he said (in comments):

    "Right now I'm putting together the research for a video to put on youtube that connects many of the dots.Things are about to get real crazy, we’re not going to enter into a ‘new age’. Part of the new age movement teaches about ‘the age of aquarius’, which calls for a one world government. Aliens are apparently tied into this as well. But it’s interesting that the illuminati are satanic, and aliens are demonic (look up the CE4 Research Group, they have written and audio testimonies where people have stopped abductions in Jesus’ name) There are alot of weird things about to happen and it’ll take me awhile, and i might make other videos on similar topics. If you want i can send you a reply here when it’s finished"

  5. Hi Susan, I'd like you to see a video of Canadian Helen Caldicott speaking about nuclear fallout which everybody should see this Resurection season,

    After listening to Steve Quayle 4 years I finally figured him out when he revealed he believes the uncanocial books Enoch & Jasher & frames interpertation of God's word & prophecy by them. Book of Jasher in Mormon bible by the LDS Mormon "Apostle" Joseph Smith in 1840. A Mormon adult art student I once had told me of a requirement that they must have a year's supply of food cached. They also vehemently insist that they are Christians while denying Jesus as the Only Begotten Son of God & refuse to worship Jesus as God. The Nephilim/giants Steve Q keeps going on about, his bragging about insider knowledge, Hawk & other anonymous sources are too precious to be trusted. None of these does Q back up with documentation, we're just to believe in him because he attaches a lot of truth to his reporting. Steve Quayle has an angry frustrated mocking tone as if he is suffering with fools. Be careful, I think he's deluded.

  6. Hello Muse,

    Yeah, I don't really know what to make of Mr. Quayle. I agree with you that something isn't quite right with him, and the fact that he comes up with "anonymous sources"... however some of what he says I do agree with. And I do NOT agree with his solutions of having "survivalist skills" and supplies (which he sells on his website). Jesus will protect His children, and if we are to die (which we all eventually will) I pray that we lead noble lives and die noble (or peaceful and hopefully honorable) deaths.

    To live is Christ and to die is gain. :-)

    Thank you for visiting, Musemater.


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