Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Advertisements and Body Image

In my abnormal psychology class this week, one of the things we are discussing (besides smoking) is obesity and body image.

I found an interesting blog that gives lots of information and proof that there's alot of photoshopping of images going on these days. This leads many people in having a misguided mental template for what is "attractive". Some of the images are so obviously distorted that the women in the pictures look more insect-like rather than looking like healthy women.

Check out the article here

...and here too


  1. I am enjoying your abnormal psychology so much! Okay, wait...that didn't sound right! But you know what I mean! Oh dear.
    Anyway, I think I should get some credit for it too! haha!
    Mrs. jennifer

  2. Hi Susan, I too am enjoying your abnormal psychology! Those examples are just weirdly abnormal! Aren't we all getting tired of these plastic personalities?

    Cary Grant said, "Everybody wants to be Cary Grant, even Cary Grant." (Oops! wrong example, he was male & could afford to go gray. Distinguished, you know?)

    Try again, well.... the other poor stars & models have no chance in this youth freezing culture, but the rest of us can relax if we want? BUT...wait, I guess "distinguished" is old hat, my male 1st cousin who is 55 has started dying HIS hair! Oops! What to do? What to do?

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    I'm glad you are getting benefit from it :) taking credit for "abnormal psychology"? I think I could take some credit for it too, lol.

    Hi Muse,

    Yeah, I color my hair :D the classes I'm taking touch on alot of interesting things, however, the undercurrent of what Charlotte Iserbyt talks about is very evident. Strange times.


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