Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Glenn Beck on Our Money Situation

This graph that he shows....yeah, well, it made me gasp I must admit:


  1. I love this video:)

    I just listened to the latest Mike Hoggard teaching, and he is saying some purty scary things about Chna and the US. (this is the video verson:))

  2. It's a bit too long for me to be able to watch it right now so it's bookmarked ;-) thanks Ma :)

  3. Isn't it weird that 9/11 (and Y2K also, of course) is right at the base of when things escalate real badly? Alot of the synchromysticism says that was a sacrifice and a portal for satanic ritual to enter into the NWO. Interesting correlation.

    I once saw a video of a professor giving a lecture where he showed the same type of scale graph for population and he made the statement that right at the midpoint of the curve of the "hocky stick" (about where we are with population numbers) is "the point of no return" where things just blow through the roof with no hope of correcting itself, and should have us very alarmed with the fact. He was for population control, but he made some interesting comments non-the-less. We are so way past that alarming "point of no return" which is right at 9/11/2001 mark on the graph.


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