Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Presidential Debate....???

 Honestly? I like Gerald Celente's comments such as CNN being the "cartoon news network" and called the debate the "presidential reality show". SIGH. Yeah, I hear ya, Gerald. What a terrible state of affairs. They are talking drivel while the economy is in a shambles, and they pretend that everything is getting better because we have a black president in charge...ummmmm....


and then there is this next one, I like what he says, that anyone who believe Bernanke really needs to have their head examined, going on Bernanke's track record:

I actually feel sorry for Ben Bernanke because I think he isn't actually responsible for all the problems, yes maybe he is partially responsible, he wouldn't be in the high position they put him in if he wasn't all wrapped up to his ears in the bulls#it however he has the bullseye painted on him where I think it goes alot wider and deeper than Bernanke...I think he is their "fall guy" and under all the pressure, he seems to be doing pretty good, I mean do you really think he really believes all the lies that they want him to put out there for everyone? I don't, I think he's miserable, so he's making a ton of money, so what? What will that get him when the whole monstrosity collapses on him? Millions of worthless dollars will provide zero comfort in hell.

What a mess...


  1. Hi Susan,
    When BB went in front of the US Congressional Banking Committee & told them, No, I won't tell you who received the bailout money, I marveled at his well rounded head, neatly trimmed beard, & dapper custom cut banker's suit. It's hard to be sympathetic when witnessing such a sight.

    Perhaps he thinks the singularity will occur before he dies so he won't have to meet his Maker? Maybe CERN really has found the "God Particle"? (I'd not trust that Ben, I think they tried that back at the Tower of Babylon).

    BB & his co-conspirators have run up USA debt to OVER $500,000. for every man, woman, and child.

    Reprobate minds, the only logical answer I can come up with.:(

  2. Yeah, you are probably right, Muse, if he truly felt badly for telling such lies, would he look so nonplussed? If he had any kind of conscience at all he would have looked like the cat who swallowed the canary.


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