Saturday, 30 July 2011

48 Hours Mystery

I've been a little addicted lately to watching 48 Hours Mystery programs online...why? Not sure...morbid curiosity? Maybe....I know there is evil in this world, and that I probably come in contact with "monsters" (and have, maybe one day I'll post about it) ...chances are that it happens more often than we probably realize, or want to know.

Anyway, this story really has so many special qualities about it, that I want to share it with anyone and everyone who happens here, by the Lord's will and leading:

Live to Tell: River's Edge

Get your hankies out...

Friday, 29 July 2011

Some Thoughts on Self Esteem

A few weeks before I began my summer classes I had stumbled across a website which involved the topic of suicide. Suicide came up a few times in my abnormal psychology course, and finding this website helped me to research this from an "insiders" view. I'm going to share this website here in this blog entry, but with the hope that anyone that follows the links from my site, will do so with respect for the family who was hurt deeply by what had happened. I know the few "regulars" who stop by here from time to time would not disrespect others, however, this information will be open to anyone and everyone who happens to stumble onto my site, just as easily as I find the various sites that I visit. Please, please, please, pay your respects respectfully.

My little excursion began when I found Dragonflies and Waterlilies. I read of a mother's cry for a son who couldn't bear to go on living. She gave a link to his online journal which ends on the day that he takes his own life. From his journal, I found this and this and some recipes that he enjoyed preparing for friends. I also found his dad's blog. I followed these links, and read and read and read, blog entries, comments, etc, to try to find out why... why such a nice young man who is bright and has parents who cherish him so much, would find life so painful and unbearable that he felt he had to take his life through suicide. Why?

I have come to my own conclusions about this, and anyone else who feels inclined to investigate into suicides will come to their own thoughts about it. I simply want to put it out there for others to ponder and pray about, and maybe it will help someone with some insight that might free someone else from the type of bondage and torment that this young man endured. I read the comments from his dad on his journal entries, and paid attention to how and who Mikael answered in his comment section. I read Mikael's thoughts about his mom, and of course, you won't get a full picture of all that went with the few comments on a blog, but they are pieces of a puzzle.

Something that Jred said, I mean quoted, recently seemed to strike me as another piece in this puzzle...and you may or may not agree that this might be at the root:

This law of the dying of self and the magnifying of Christ—is the secret of Christian peace. When Christ is small—and SELF is large—life cannot be deeply restful. Everything annoys us. We grow impatient of whatever breaks our comfort. We grieve over little trials. We find causes for discontent in merest trifles. We resent whatever would hinder or oppose us.

There is no blue sky in the picture, of which SELF is the center. There are no stars shining overhead. It begins and ends in a little patch of dusty floor, with gray walls surrounding it and shutting it in. But when SELF decreases—and Christ increases, then the picture is enlarged and takes in all of heaven’s over-arching beauty. Then the stars shine down into its night and sunshine bathes its day.

Then the life of friction and worry is changed into quietness and peace. When the glory of Christ streams over this little, cramped, fretted, broken life of ours—peace comes, and the love of Christ brightens every spot and sweetens all bitterness. Trials are easy to bear when self is small—and Christ is large.

This lesson has its very practical bearing on all our common, every-day life. Naturally we want to have our own way. We like to carry out our own plans and ambitions. We are apt to feel, too, that we have failed in life, when we cannot realize these hopes. This is the world’s standard. The successful worldling is the one who is able to master all life’s circumstances and make them serve him in his career. He is the man who "increases" until he fills a large place among men. The world has little praise or admiration for the man who "decreases" in his property, brilliance, power, or prosperity.

-- J.R. Miller
These days self esteem (or the lack of it) is lauded as the reason why people suffer the difficulties that we do. Is it really? Was Jesus and His word, the Bible, wrong? Jesus said we need to lay down our flesh, our "self esteem" and make our self worth based only on Jesus and His forgiveness and love. This world says we need to love ourselves first and then we can love our neighbors as ourselves, but the Bible says we need to love God first....who is right?

Last night I was pondering over some of these things, and I thought of how I often am guilty of praying "God give me this" or "Lord please help my friend pass her test".... forgetting the clause that Jesus added to His prayers, to say with really meaning it: "NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE"

Why do I pray for what I do? Why do I only want some of my friends to get the Lord's favors, and others to "get a lesson" that will set them straight? Is it to see that God's will is accomplished? Or mine? Who am I worshiping with that kind of prayer? My self esteem has no trouble exerting itself into my prayer time, so I don't think the lack of it is at the root of my trouble at all. If anything my self esteem is what gets in the way of truly loving and wanting what Jesus wants, especially if what Jesus wants would be things that would bring me pain and trouble in my flesh.

This creation is truly turned upside down. What we want to think is good for us might actually be our spiritual poison.

I would love to get more feedback and other insights that you may have into these things... I'm sure that I'm missing many pieces to this puzzle, perhaps a piece you may have in your hand... 

Monday, 18 July 2011

New Breedism

The whole NEW BREED concept is totally unscriptural. The only way they can attempt to prove their false doctrine is to twist, misquote or allegorize the Scriptures. According to the "prophets" all believers are not a part of the NEW BREED because it is reserved for a special quality of Christian in the last days. But Praise God, the Bible refutes this fallacy. On the contrary, it gives all believers the following assurance:

1. All believers are equal in Christ. Galatians 3:28.
2. All believers are new creatures. II Corinthians 5:17.
3. All believers are made righteous by faith, that is of grace. Romans 4:16.
4. All believers are of the seed of Abraham. Romans 4:16.
5. All believers were baptized into one body. I Corinthians 12:13.
6. All believers are members of the body of Christ. I Corinthians 12:14.
7. All believers are part of the ELECT. I Peter 1:2.
8. All believers are a CHOSEN GENERATION. I Peter 2:1, 2.
9. All believers are "born again." John 3:3, 15.
10. All believers are lively stones and a holy priesthood. I Peter 2:5.

The word BREED is not found once in Scripture, much less the term A NEW BREED.


That second picture with the knight holding the child reminds me of Arthurian legends....

 When King Arthur was born, Merlin took him away and raised him in secret... 

The Bible tells us that our hope is not in this world, yet the "new Christianity" will have it's adherents believing that Jesus is going to set up His kingdom on this earth, but as Herescopes blog also shows, the way they reshape what the Bible says, has some strange connections with Hitler's philosophies and the New Age doctrines as well. 

We must be wise as serpents while gentle as doves.

Final Thoughts....

Last week was the last week of my summer online classes. My last assignment for my sociology class asked for my thoughts on the political issues and healthcare issues that were discussed in our textbook. These are some of my thoughts as given in my last sociology assignment:

This week has been a difficult one for me because many things occurred this week that were turning points in my life, and they seemed to pivot on the lessons that touched on things with relevance to what I was going through... studying things like healthcare and politics and world situations with these heavy things on my heart really made me focus on these things with the temporariness of life in mind.

Although I am a conservative (probably closest to the Libertarian Party) I find that the textbook is slanted very much in the liberal leftist direction, so it made me a little testy to have to suffer through that bias. However, what I have concluded through all of this is that what it really comes down to is “Who is running this show anyway?” If the “powers that be” people are good and trustworthy, no matter what form of government we have would be good, if the leaders are good. The rest really is all a bunch of hoopla, just a sideshow to keep us all distracted. But if the leaders are bad and untrustworthy, no matter what kind of government we have in place, it still will be rotten.

And as far as healthcare goes, people want something for nothing, and truly there is no such thing. All the people with their hands out wanting freebees without wanting to pay for it will be in for a shock when we get the bill and see the kind of poor service we will endure for a hefty price tag. The saying goes “You get what you pay for”, and that is exactly what the government is going to give, close to nothing, because their story is that it's going to cost next to nothing because it is our money, not theirs, that will be footing the bill.

In their minds we are getting off cheap, so what we will get will be cheap. Thinking about the health problems that my family is going through right now, and the temporariness of life.... makes these thoughts hit me very close to home.

Thank you, Professor B., for this class. Although much of it ran against my ethics and values, I still came away with a richer and deeper perspective on these things, and what it really all boils down to for me is that if the “powers that be” and the general population are good and moral and ethical, all of these things will work together for a good outcome no matter how they decide to structure it. Time will tell how truly good our leaders and their followers really are.


And, truly as an addendum to the above, I want to also state that in the final end, we do have Someone that is over all the powers of this world, so no matter how good (well, they are "only human" after all) or bad, God has promised us Romans 8:28, that is my anchor, and after all the hurricanes and disasters of this world pass away, it is God who will have sustained those who are His, through it all. 


Monday, 11 July 2011

What is "Ideal"?

Last week was a very difficult week for me, for various reasons. One of the reasons involved the subject material I had to study for my college courses. I knew when I took "Sociology 1010" that I would get into stuff that I would disagree with, that was a given. I guess I was a bit naif, however, about just how much I would disagree with it. One of our discussion topics asked the question: Do you agree with the Functionalist view that the "nuclear family" (husband and wife living together, husband as bread winner and wife at home caring for children) should still be the ideal given today's economic and social conditions? As you can imagine, 90% of the class said that the Functionalist "nuclear family" is outdated and no longer the ideal. And as you can also imagine, I was one of 2 dissenting voices...well actually I was shocked that someone else was first in saying that she thought that the "nuclear family" is the best format for raising healthy and well adjusted children. Some of the others said that mothers must work outside of the home to make ends meet, and how boring it is to "stay home with the kids" and that "I just couldn't do that"....and that it's perfectly ok to be a homosexual "family"....sigh....
....and I could hear the infamous Rodney King's voice ringing in my head: "Can't we all just get along???"

Yeah, well, I guess that we all wish we could always "get along" without putting up an argument about every little thing, sigh. But being salt and light also means telling why we believe what we believe, especially when we are the lone dissenting voice, that "voice in the wilderness".

So I talked about what an "ideal" is. I talked about why the "nuclear family" IS the only perfect model, even if none of us could attain to this ideal, that the nature of an ideal is to be a model for the perfection to strive for. I talked about why not one of us would ever fly on a plane that was piloted by a pilot who took a "How to fly an airplane for dummies" class, because he needed to "do it the right way" or I'm not getting on that plane... and how is that any different when it comes to our families and our children? Shouldn't we strive for that perfect model to protect and raise our children right?

So when it came time at the end of the week to turn in my "Reflections" assignment for the week (an assignment in which I had to answer a few questions about what I learned that week) this is what I wrote:

What did you think about, feel and visualize while participating in this session?

What I thought about during this week's lessons is that the curriculum/textbook is pretty slanted towards making the feminist and conflict theorists agendas the “more correct” position, than the traditional point of view. Statements such as:
Sexual control, in the form of enforced female monogamy ensured that his ( the husband's) property would be transmitted only to his offspring. Engels conluded that only the elimination of private property and the creation of economic equality, in a word, communism, could bring an end to gender inequality and the traditional nuclear family.” (page 301)
I understand that the text tries to portray a “neutral” position by saying that communism isn't the answer to ending gender inequality, HOWEVER, most of the text supports things like abortion, divorce, daycare and other services to take over the duties of parenting, etc, so that the “neutral position” is really not credible when compared to what I actually read throughout the rest of the text.
What attitudes, skills and concepts have you gained from participating in this session?
What I have learned has only strengthened and reinforced my already established thoughts on these matters, however, it deepened it with further understanding of what the issues are, and how the numbers get skewed to support an argument. I have found several computational errors, such as when the authors take information from a graph and incorporate it into their assertions within the text. An example of such an error is on page 320 where it asserts that the poverty rate of a two parent family in Sweden is 1/10 that of the US rate when according to table 11.5 it is 1/5 when computed out. Another example is where the text says that Native American test takers comprise 43% of the national average representation of the US population as a whole, is not what table 12.2 says at all. It gives the actual percentage to be 143% (yes, one hundred and forty-three percent!!) when compared with the national representation of Native Americans. (page 349). This type of skewing of the facts is inexcusable. Who checks their figures??? Terrible disinformation, in my opinion. How can I truly trust the rest of the “facts” that are given by these persons who have an obvious agenda?

What did you know before; What did you want to know, and what did you learn this session?

I learned that there truly is an agenda to destroy the nuclear family, and to set up “whatever feels good” as an adequate alternative to a true ideal. It takes away the meaning of the word ideal, which is a high expectation, and a symbol of something that is perfect and very difficult if not impossible to attain to. The ideal is what would be the most effective and highest and best way, a highest benchmark to strive for. If it is changed to “whatever”, it is not actually a true “ideal”. The fact that even homosexual partners often have a more feminine and more masculine partner in the relationship itself reveals that  subconsciously they still desire this ideal, although they try to go against the grain by attacking the nuclear family model in their rejection of it and their perversion of how they choose to alter the design. This concept of “ideal” goes much further than I realized before, and is actually an anchor and a source of stability that is being removed by the rejection of it. By replacing it with other “ideals” the government can become more of a “parent” in how it is taking over the raising of our children. It can indoctrinate them into socialization policies which fit in with their globalist agenda, and take away more of the role of what used to be under the control and leadership of the nuclear family and the church. I see this more clearly than I ever did before. I had a vague sense of it before, and thought that some might have been overreacting to the facts of this agenda being carried out. Now I know that they were not overreacting, but that I was under-reacting and not understanding the problem at all.

What did you learn in this session that you won't forget tomorrow?

I was really depressed as I was reading much of the information of the last two chapters, and I do understand that we will continue on this perilous path, and it makes me a little sick thinking about it. I learned that I need to keep my eyes wide open to see what will happen next. I honestly do not believe that I can halt the serious decline that we are in. I do believe that I have to be in prayer about it. I see the feminists and the conflict theorists mostly made up of atheists who want to get “religion” out of their face, for the most part. That would require that it be relegated solely to the area of private spirituality and which has nothing to do with education, or any other public contacts and day to day functioning within our society. It actually makes it more of a myth or private hallucination of sorts, this way, which is what atheists believe Christianity to be. A Christian's spirituality actually does involve every facet of his or her life. It is the air we breath, and everything we do or say is touched by the fact that it is based on our spirituality. Atheists want to believe that belief in a “god” is whatever a person wants it to be. A Christian is aware that God is what He is no matter what each individual privately wants to say He is or is not. God is much greater than all of the misinformation we can concoct about Him. The fact that there are those of us who strive to understand what is that which placed in us the ability to be moral, and ethical, and spiritual, and that there are those that wish to squelch any reference to the Author of our morals and ethics, tells me more about the truth of Him than anything else, in my estimation. I see the lines being drawn, and as page 343 of our textbook states that “the two contradictory social processes of secularization and revival are likely to persist for some time to come, resulting in a world that is neither more religious nor more secular, but one that is certainly more polarized.” I certainly agree with that statement, and wherever that truth takes us, I pray that I will be ready to face the consequences of that fact.

What was the most significant factor in how you learned?

This week, the fact that I saw that my position was in the small minority actually gave me a feeling of strength. It helped me to see that it is always good to state the truth, especially when in the minority. Just because the majority says something doesn't automatically make it true, and I sometimes feel intimidated to go against popular opinion. This week I grew, in that I spoke as my conscience directed me, and I felt stronger for it.


Let us never fear being that "Lone Dissenting Voice".

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Elenin Part 2

I saw something on Tex's messageboard a few days ago...hadn't looked there for several months...anyway, saw Tex's post regarding ClassicalGas aka DebieBlue (on youtube). She had written Tex to let him know of her upcoming guest appearance on Blogtalk Radio with Rozz. I'm listening to the broadcast as I type now, it is 2 hours long.

DebieBlue with Rozz
She reads some things that had been recorded in ancient manuscripts that she has been researching into, two that she reads which have been translated into English, which mentions the last generation, of men not being as men and women not being as women, and that the fathers will no longer teach wisdom to their sons, leaders speaking of peace when their hearts are all about war, etc...and that destruction will come to us suddenly out of seemingly nowhere...she believes that Elenin is not a comet but what is called a "carbon star" and explains what that is, and that it will have fragments of planets and lots of "space junk" in it's wake.

Here is a link to her Youtube channel:

DebieBlue on Youtube

It'll be interesting to see what will happen by the end of this year. The earth is supposed to pass through Elenin's tail after Elenin passes by us, and there is the possibility that there are asteroids in Elenin's tail.

See the images that Debie has compiled:
These (you need to scroll down to see all of them, and Debie's comments near bottom, as well as links)

This one has the NASA picture of the object with a swastika in it that she mentions on the audio interview

and scroll a little and see lots of links to more of her pictures

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I've been noticing a little bit of an internet stir on the topic of Elenin, which is supposed to come close to the earth around September or October (some are saying it will be closest around September  10-11th, while I've also heard September 26th....?) anyway, of course our favorite truther girl has her thoughts on this...and I love the fact that she says it's time to look into Jesus the Messiah if you haven't already:

I've seen some say Elenin stands for Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near....well, maybe....or it could be the name of that Russian scientist who was supposedly first in discovering it...hmmmm...well anyway, I'm not running to hide in the hills, nor am I going to try to find some underground bunker. If it's my time, Jesus knows exactly where to find me ;-)

Friday, 1 July 2011

More Riots and a Few Statistics...

Clash between French and police this month (July 2011) seems strangely familiar:

French riot

And it happened this month (July 2011) in Italy too:

Italian riot

And this is a shocking (to me, anyway) video which was posted on Youtube in February this year which shows riots around the globe from January and February of this year and many that occurred last year:

Someone else posted this one last January:

This has some interesting statistics, although it is a little "new age-ish":
Well, ok, VERY NEW AGE-ISH, so forget the parts that talk about meditation and stuff, but I found that info about the poles shifting and the graph with earthquake frequency, and the map that showed how much of the arctic has melted since 1979 very interesting...

Robotic Hummingbird

DARPA has developed a robotic hummingbird affixed with a spy camera.