Sunday, 5 February 2012

They're Here.....

 First off, for anyone reading this that hasn't read here much, let me say right off the top that I do not subscribe to submitting to fear over the stuff that is being revealed. We who are the Lord's are under His protection and have NOTHING to fear. We ARE supposed to WATCH and PRAY. We need to be concerned, yet not overwrought. I do not agree with many who bring this information out who think that we need to revolt, to have a revolution. No. We are to WATCH (be aware of what's going on) and PRAY (talk with Jesus about it, as for wisdom, and guidance through this junk, in a manner that will bring Him honor and glory). OK, now you may continue, lol...

Stuff about cyborgs.... it's just science fiction, right?

I had seen many years ago (back in the 90's when I began learning about these kinds of things online) that there were experiments that involved linking the human brain with computers...well, not quite...I had seen it discussed first in "Omni magazine" back in the early 80's in their science "continuum" section which dealt with real scientific research that is going on. Sure there are those who will "pooh-pooh" magazines such as Omni because it had both science fiction and science fact, and some people cannot discern the difference and think  it  must therefore all be fabricated...and then a few years later there are videos of hardwired animals and insects controlled by remote control....and articles such as the one I have linked below...

Who knows how long they've been working on this and how far they are in their research except what they allow to be leaked out. Here's an article about it, but they probably know alot more than what they are telling:


researchers at Tel Aviv University have successfully created circuits that can replace motor functions - such as blinking - and implanted them into brains. 
They hope the technology could in the future help people suffering from brain malfunctions such as Parkinson's disease - by replacing damaged or malfunctioning tissue with chips that perform the same function.

I agree with this person who wrote in the comment section:
It sounds nice and all, but it's just the bait. I think it's naive to think that one day that chip in your brain is not going to be monitored and misused by your beloved government. After all thinkers are just too damn hard to govern.
Alex Jones talks about alot of this stuff here:


  1. It's a shame, this technology would be truly amazing if we didn't know it will be used for evil.

    I have and uncle with Parkinson's and another with a milder case. I can't wait until the Lord transforms our bodies FOR REAL and those who are His will suffer no more!

    1. Hi Ma,

      Did you happen to notice that the article is about experiments being conducted in Israel?... I'm wondering if they mean to use this technology on Ariel Sharon. They have been keeping him alive for years at hundreds of thousands of dollars so it is conceivable that they might....?


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