Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Voting today

But revolution? Hmmm....well, not joining that, but I'm hoping for the best, and definitely praying...


  1. Hi Susan, He gets my vote on principle that he alone in the race advocates our constitutional government as imperfect as it is the only one with room for personal responsibility within earthly government.

    I just heard Ron Paul say to Bob Schieffer that both winning the election and educating citizens are his goals, so in any event there are more people thinking of our constitutional ideals as being more than an old fashioned outdated construct.

    That is a revolution in itself.

    The word "revolution" can be misunderstood or misused without context.

    World English Dictionaryrevolution (ˌrɛvəˈluːʃən)

    — n
    1. the overthrow or repudiation of a regime or political system by the governed
    2. (in Marxist theory) the violent and historically necessary transition from one system of production in a society to the next, as from feudalism to capitalism
    3. a far-reaching and drastic change, esp in ideas, methods, etc
    4. a. movement in or as if in a circle
    b. one complete turn in such a circle: a turntable rotating at 33 revolutions per minute
    5. a. Compare rotation the orbital motion of one body, such as a planet or satellite, around another
    b. one complete turn in such motion
    6. a cycle of successive events or changes
    7. obsolete geology a profound change in conditions over a large part of the earth's surface, esp one characterized by mountain building: an orogenic revolution

    [C14: via Old French from Late Latin revolūtiō , from Latin revolvere to revolve ]

    Can be confused with:  rebellion, revolt.

    5. cycle, circuit, round, rotation.

    1. Hi Muse,

      I really do not anticipate anything major taking place that will be anything "good" in this world, aside from the Lord returning to set it all straight Himself...honestly.

      I did vote for RP, but even though his numbers are (so far) better than some predicted, it still isn't enough for him to be nominated. He was asked if he'd consider being someone's running mate, which he said no one else comes even close to sharing his ideas so he couldn't see that happening. Alot of the "pundits" think he's too extreme...? Really? Then would they consider our founding fathers "too extreme"? Sigh. Oh well, it is what it is, "come quickly Lord Jesus".

    2. Totally agree, but still have to do what's right, make that stand, Jesus has empowered us to shine till he comes, I'm close enough to the end of my little vapor life span not to worry anymore about the results. Just keep on shining your little light, dear friend. :D


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