Monday, 18 November 2013

Can a Truly Saved Person Fall Away? Part 3

This has to do with the falling away of a person by means of mixing truth with untruth. This person truly believes he or she was saved but now gives in to doctrines of demons who mix truth with lies. This was the devil's trick from the beginning, wasn't it? He got Eve to believe his trickery and caused her to believe him over God the true Creator, making her think his ideas and temptation was more fair, more in line with what she truly deserved. And what did it lead to? It led to her and her husband's undoing.

Here is an article that I found which explains this more fully, and again examines the phenomenon we are seeing of this great falling away that is happening today:


If someone is not standing in biblical truth they are not standing in Christ and are not being sanctified unto God.
We therefore see that in the Last Days those not loving doctrinal truth really do not love Jesus Christ, as one is the barometer of the other. Such unsaved people will be easily taken in by the antichrist (as indeed they are already under the influence of what theologians and philosophers call by the German term the zeitgeist or 'spirit of the age' which is the spirit of anti Christ -1 John 2:15-18). But this text shows us that it also includes
some who profess to be Christians that "go out from among us", like the Son of Perdition (linking Judas with The Anti-Christ). This thought becomes frightening and directly refers to what Paul calls the apostasia or 'great falling away' after the anti Christ by those 'Christians' who do not love biblical (2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12), because as this text tells us in not loving truth, they do not really love Jesus but delight in unrighteousness.
We are even told those falling away will actually do so under the judgment of God who will cause them to be deceived for not loving His Word, and therefore not loving His Son. Moreover we are even told how it will happen.


Edited to add (from another link) 
(I don't necessarily agree with all these writers that I link to say---don't think I have EVER agreed with anyone 100% of the time, however they do hit on many of the problems--- in these linked articles--- that we see today):

 Why is this happening? A failure of sound teaching from the pulpits of our land. We are so concerned about people feeling good, having better relationships, that we’ve forgotten the horizontal will only be as good as the vertical. If a person is not living right with God, they won’t get their earthly relationships on the right plane. Without Spirit and truth (you must have both) all you have is rules, principles, cool power points, and videos but no power to live as God intended.

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