Saturday, 27 August 2011

Harry Potter and the Children's Indoctrination part 2

I found a bit more about Harry Potter's connection to the satanic...I watched an interview on Youtube (4 parts) all about JK Rowling and her thoughts, experiences, etc, in creating the characters and books of the Harry Potter series. She was so very likeable and seductively nice and enchanting.  She mentioned that the character of Harry Potter "visited" her while she was stuck on a stalled train, and likened the experience to the joy that she experienced with the birth of her first child....(!!!wow!) but she poo-poos the idea that she is a witch and discounts the facts that there is real witchcraft and incantations in her writings, saying that she did sprinkle some of that in but that she changed the incantations and various real parts of witchcraft into an aberation of what was real, her own invention, to suit her story....however....check this out:
In Harry Potter, the character named Sirius Black is most likely a reference to Sirius B. (the “darker” star of Sirius’ binary system). He is Harry Potter’s godfather, which makes Sirius, once again, a teacher and a guide. The wizard can turn into a big black dog, another link with the “dog star”.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Harry Potter and the Children's Indoctrination

This one came up rather suddenly today, it is something that has been in the back of my mind concerning some family members, and bubbled up to the surface quite explosively today.

J.K. Rowlings has said that she is a Christian. I just cannot make the two match up together. How can a Christian dream up such a satanic character steeped in so much witchcraft? How can a Christian indoctrinate so many children into wanting to be witches and warlocks and practice magic spells? There are also people who call themselves Christians who recommend these books and movies, and I have to wonder, why??? Are these really "moral" stories? Really?

Iggy Pop and Ancient History

I have to admit that the two do not seem like they should go together...but... it came up as an assignment from my college history course this week, so I thought I'd share, since I found it very intriguing and maybe some of you might also.

Iggy Pop is a very disturbed, and disturbing, individual, I'm sure most of us will agree on that one.

This is what I wrote for a part of my assignment, it includes a link for the article which our instructor for this course referenced for this assignment:

This was the article that we were to read prior to giving our thoughts/opinions about Iggy's thoughts:

and these are my thoughts on:

Iggy's Commentary on Ancient History
Before tonight I'd heard of Iggy Pop but I had never heard his "music" and I didn't know anything at all about him. After reading Iggy's thoughts about The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by the British historian Edward Gibbon, I felt I should familiarize myself a bit more with this Iggy. I found a few Youtube interviews:

Interview with Iggy
Iggy Pop and David Bowie on Dinah Shore part 1
Iggy Pop and David Bowie on Dinah Shore part 2
and his recording of:
American Caesar
To be honest, after seeing him in the above video clips, I am very surprised that Iggy can even read and retain any information he might encounter anywhere. He seems like a very likeable person, but the drugs he's abused have definitely done alot of damage. So it is very surprising to me that I found his thoughts about "Decline and Fall" to be very good, and similar to my own reasons for why I too enjoy looking back into the past.
In the article we had to read for this assignment, Iggy said:
"I feel a great comfort and relief knowing that there were others who lived and died and thought and fought so long ago; I feel less tyrannized by the present day."

I too find comfort in knowing that others who have lived before me have experienced challenges and had to fight for their existence.  Sometimes when I feel life too difficult, I realize that the Christians under Nero had it much worse than I do, and it makes me realize I'm being a wimp and it gives me a kick in the butt to get on with my life and quit sniveling.
Iggy also said:
"I would read with pleasure around 4 am, with my drugs and whisky in cheap motels, savoring the clash of beliefs, personalities and values, played out on antiquity's stage by crowds of the vulgar, led by huge archetypal characters."
Reading the above only makes me wonder what a genius Iggy might have been if he didn't pickle his brain with all those drugs and alcohol. It makes me very sad to think how much he has stunted any true abilities from developing as a result of the abuse he has inflicted on himself.
When Iggy said:
"America is Rome. Of course, why shouldn't it be? All of Western life and institutions today are traceable to the Romans and their world. We are all Roman children for better or worse."
I found myself in full agreement with Iggy. Our nation has borrowed much from the cultures of our past, particularly ancient Rome. It seems that our textbook also agrees with Iggy:
"Their (Roman's) efforts at romanization succeeded in making diverse peoples loyal to the empire. Likewise, they absorbed much from those they ruled over, laying the foundation of culture that has inspired us ever since. Through the Middle Ages, into the Renaissance of the fifteenth century, through the Enlightenment, and even into the twenty-first century, the culture of classical antiquity fostered by Rome can teach us about ourselves." (A Concise Survey of Western Civilization; Pavlac; Ch 5, page 87)
 I found watching Iggy "perform" very disturbing, but I have to admit that I like the way he thinks.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back to School

I started my history of western civilization class this week. My instructor, for one of our assignments, gave us this:

We are to write our thoughts about Gilgamesh, an ancient ruler who ruled ancient Mesopotamia. But who was Gilgamesh? Is it possible that he was Nimrod? Are there any clues? Most Biblical scholars believe that Gilgamesh was indeed who most of us now know as Nimrod. Here's why (really cool Bible encyclopedia website):

******************************Edit to add  links***********************

This first link has information about the ancient dead language they call Akkadian, which is what the Epic of Gilgamesh was translated from:

And this second link has 11 parts of the 12 of the Epic of Gilgamesh as it was translated into English:

and another online encyclopedia that has more info on Gilgamesh and ancient times:

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dr. Andrew Corbett

This is a wonderful video presented by a pastor in New Zealand, Dr. Andrew Corbett. I absolutely love his accent, and his quiet and gentle passion. In this 27 minute video, he brings up many things (I'm going to have to watch this a couple of times, at least) such as "the gift vs the packaging", the "Midnight Society" (of fiction writers and artists), and that we as Christians wage war in the realm of ideas, ideas that can build strongholds (of wrong thinking) in people's minds. I hope you enjoy this little conversation as much as I do:

I don't agree with everything he says...I don't agree with his thoughts about using Harry Potter as a springboard to introduce the things that are similar to what the Bible says about the struggles between good and evil and the ultimate outcome being life after death, etc. I agree that we don't necessarily have to pull away from any contact with subject matter such as Harry Potter as being a taboo, something that we must not touch. To the Christian, all things are clean and pure so in that sense I do agree with Dr. Corbett that we don't have to worry about abstaining from certain types of fiction or films. However not all things are in our best interest. Some things might sidetrack and bog us down unnecessarily, or might even be a hindrance in our walk, or in how others (non-Christians who are watching us) may perceive us. Paul warns us that we need to be respectful and caring about hindering others who are weaker brethren, and also the fact that the truth is evil spoken of because of how some Christians (whether they truly are Christian or not is possibly debatable) behave themselves, or what they allow themselves to be involved with.

Anyway, he does have many good things to bring to the table, food for thought. Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Corbett, he presents his arguments with a delightful accent and sweet passion.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Truth About Psychopaths

When we think of a psychopath, the image of Charles Manson, or Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter comes to mind... however, that isn't really the full story about psychopaths, that is one tiny branch of this psychological condition. I was looking at the Truther Girls blog recently and saw what they said on the subject, and then did some more looking around...and also fell back on what I learned this summer.

Anyway, this short video clip may bring more insight into this somewhat disturbing's good to know who is running stuff in this world:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Riot Provocateurs

Watch this video carefully, and at the end they have still shots where they show why the real protestors knew these were police provocateurs.

This happened in Quebec August 2007.

This next one happened in Greece June 29, 2011.

Notice how the police take these fake "protestors" that have caused the commotion aside, but teargas and attack the real protestors that didn't cause the problems.

And here's Louk the Greek protest dog, a stray that joins in every protest since 2008:

Friday, 12 August 2011

Obama Budget Plan

Yeah, now we've got money!

"Once you renounce any sense of decency it gets easier and easier"

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Revolution II

(See previous post entitled Revolution )

When I took my sociology class just a few weeks ago, I didn't realize that class envy and class warfare would be so openly encouraged. Shows how naive I can be I suppose. Here are a few Google images with the "Revolution" theme:

Did you catch that one? It's subtle...let's try another that will be more blunt:

Oops! There it is! Yes, showing your anger and frustration in a revolution is a loving thing to do....ummmm...
well...not really....but maybe Ron Paul thinks so:


But Musemater's post caused me to revisit this theme. It got me thinking about the Bolshevik Revolution, and for that matter, our own country's Revolutionary War of 1776 (or whenever it really was), and the Loyalists who were then branded as "the enemy"....and, come to think of it,  today many Americans still look at Canadians with suspicion. The propaganda worked. But in order to look at this from both sides, let's look a little closer. I first read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984" in, well, 1984, because I was curious about what he had to say about "big brother" and I figured 1984 to be a good year to investigate these things...and now we see these things cropping up again, here, in the United States...

Hmmm, scary...

Anyway, I found this nice comparison of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" with the Russian Revolution. See if any of it resonates with things that are happening today....


This story reminds me of the poem "Footprints" for some reason... but it has little to do with that poem, and I find it comical how far atheists will go to deny the truth.


" fit these footprints into an evolutionary scenario, it would seem that the tracks would have had to be made by a creature that was human from the waist down, but ape-like from the waist up. Evolutionary baggage, not scientific data, has forced this warped and imaginative interpretation, for which there is little or no scientific support. Extinct ape-like creatures collectively called australopiths are routinely invoked as the real Laetoli print makers, but none of these fossil forms show feet, legs, or hips the same size and shape as those of humans."

Read the entire informative and entertaining article here 
I guess I shouldn't find it funny to see really "smart" people making fools out of themselves 

(see Romans 1:22 )


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Explosive Evidence for Creation with Dr. Steve Austin

I love creation science. I stumbled into this little video in which Dr Steve Austin, a geologist, explains that Mt. St. Helens offers proof of quick earth stratification and other geological changes that atheistic scientists try to convince us to believe needed to take millions of years, but in fact could have been accomplished in days rather than millions of years. This video is just under a half hour long, and Dr Austin explains these things alot better than I do, so please take the time to listen and learn something new!

Check out his website here