Monday, 30 January 2012

Do Dreams Mean Anything? Part 2

Ok, this is just....too coincidental, that I would be drawn to read about this on Velvet's blog... I read the vigilant citizen article many months ago, but what Velvet said about influences and  spiritual warfare is EXACTLY what my dream was saying to me in my spirit...that there are spiritual forces at work seducing us and manipulating us through fearing the consequences if we don't go along with their agenda! I know some of us don't fall for it...but many are falling for it...and I have to humbly admit that I did fall for it for many years, giving in to what deep down I knew was wrong, so the "cool people" would also think that I was one of them. That is exactly it, what I tried (and kinda couldn't find the right words) to say yesterday.  What the dream was about was all this junk, the abortion/murder industry, the homosexual perversion agenda, and ecumenical stuff about everyone banding together on the "love train" which is anything but is sinister, it is evil, it is hardening people and making them more and more hateful and prideful and against anything holy and is poisoning people's spirits by choosing to take the easy way out of wanting to "get along" with the majority, with the "cool people" and not wanting to appear to be a nerd, or worse, an ignorant fool (that "they" want to paint born again Christians to be). Out of that fear many just join up with the evil agendas, so they won't look stupid....joining with the stupid so they themselves won't look stupid... Everyone is joining everyone else by saying "Yes, don't the emperor's clothes look marvelous" because they don't want to be different and dumb-looking by pointing out the obvious...the emperor is NAKED, and blind and dumb....and oh so wrong!!! If I say it, I will be different, and will look funny to others, and they will call me names and think I'm stupid....vanity.

So what if they think I'm stupid, if they are the ones that have given in to stupidity such as that?

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