Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Obama's Country of Birth...

I hadn't seen this before today...but I don't watch much television...did this make the evening news?

and Barack the usurper:

and the Kenyan birth certificate:


Smile or Die....

This is actually a continuation of the previous two posts. Just saw this on Astexan's blog... and it is again bringing up the issues and nailing the things that I experienced in that weird dream. The following video clip is very insightful, but you will see that he is obviously not a Christian, and I do not agree with his conclusion. He is an excellent cartoonist! I wish I could draw like that! He explains how mean and callous it is to force people to "think positive". Notice the subtle difference between being forced to think positive with negative consequences like being fired for not complying, compared with having faith and trusting God truly, not having a care because God really does care for you....anyway, it is a subtle and crafty....and yet glaring difference (for those whom the Lord gives wisdom and the eyes to see the difference), and yet the visible church (as opposed to the elect, whose calling is known in the spirit, by God) is picking up the  mantra of the forced positive happy faced thinking to bring "health and wealth" to their audiences.

Anyway, this is about 10 mins long:

The artist in this video is a gentleman, but the speaker is Barbara Ehrenreich...

Barbara Ehrenreich has a blog:


  and has written a few books:


Monday, 30 January 2012

Do Dreams Mean Anything? Part 2

Ok, this is just....too coincidental, that I would be drawn to read about this on Velvet's blog... I read the vigilant citizen article many months ago, but what Velvet said about influences and  spiritual warfare is EXACTLY what my dream was saying to me in my spirit...that there are spiritual forces at work seducing us and manipulating us through fearing the consequences if we don't go along with their agenda! I know some of us don't fall for it...but many are falling for it...and I have to humbly admit that I did fall for it for many years, giving in to what deep down I knew was wrong, so the "cool people" would also think that I was one of them. That is exactly it, what I tried (and kinda couldn't find the right words) to say yesterday.  What the dream was about was all this junk, the abortion/murder industry, the homosexual perversion agenda, and ecumenical stuff about everyone banding together on the "love train" which is anything but loving...it is sinister, it is evil, it is hardening people and making them more and more hateful and prideful and against anything holy and pure....it is poisoning people's spirits by choosing to take the easy way out of wanting to "get along" with the majority, with the "cool people" and not wanting to appear to be a nerd, or worse, an ignorant fool (that "they" want to paint born again Christians to be). Out of that fear many just join up with the evil agendas, so they won't look stupid....joining with the stupid so they themselves won't look stupid... Everyone is joining everyone else by saying "Yes, don't the emperor's clothes look marvelous" because they don't want to be different and dumb-looking by pointing out the obvious...the emperor is NAKED, and blind and dumb....and oh so wrong!!! If I say it, I will be different, and will look funny to others, and they will call me names and think I'm stupid....vanity.

So what if they think I'm stupid, if they are the ones that have given in to stupidity such as that?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Do Dreams Mean Anything?

 link to photo
I tried to find an image that showed the feeling that I felt and this is about the closest I could come to it...it was as if everyone around me was in compliance and I was the only one who wasn't going along, and they all wanted to force me to be like them.

I had a really weird dream this morning around 3:30 am...and it made me really wonder if they mean anything? I know that dreams are mentioned in the OT, and the Apostle Paul mentioned something about:

2Co 12:2  I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven. 

...and the Apostle John said:

Rev 1:10  I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet

Not that I'm trying to compare myself with those Bible greats, I'm just wondering and trying to figure this out...anyway, the dream I had was very difficult...that's not the right word, but I cannot find a word to describe it... It was so realistic. I was caught in a situation where everyone tried to force me to do the things they wanted me to do, and if I didn't choose what they wanted, they did something (I don't recall exactly what anymore) that caused me excruciating pain to the point of death. I remember feeling scared, but not giving in, and there were two men that wanted to "help" me by saying they would work with me if I "acted like" I agreed with the ugly circumstances, they would give me a pass and not torment me. Then I woke up.

When I awoke I thought about what I had just dreamed for about 15-20 minutes before falling back asleep. It was very unsettling, a heaviness on me. I kept thinking how real it was, and that it is really happening in the spirit world, that something is going on just under our conscious radar, but that it involves our spirits. Does that make any sense? I hope others can help me to understand this a little better. Anyone else having these kinds of thoughts and dreams?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Footprints in the Sand

Last week was spent in the Bahamas. It was beautiful and relaxing. My friend Ken took this picture of me:

Just look at how big his shoes are compared to me, lol, and yes my legs are really that pale! Anyway, I put this and a few other pictures (chosen out of over 400 pictures taken) on my Facebook page. Someone that I work with commented underneath the above photo with:
"Footprints in the sand"

It's incredible that those simple words had a profound effect on me. God knows exactly where I am, and where I've been, and where I'm going. That just was so reassuring and uplifting.

Monday, 9 January 2012

George Galloway

I want to begin this blog entry by explaining a few things about labels such as "Zionist" and "Muslims" which are emotionally linked word bombs. If we remember to keep in mind that we are talking about PEOPLE that are lumped into group categories (which is very racist, btw) and which I am guilty of also when I use the term "Christian Zionists"  to describe those people who claim they are Christians and support the bombing of innocent people to claim support for Israel, when Jesus only told His followers to pray for Israel, and to pray (not bomb) our enemies. Now, keeping that in mind, take a look at this video clip:

I am not anti-Israel or anti-Semitic, or pro-Muslim. I am for reaching people with the gospel (good news) and for praying for people, Israel, Muslims, Catholics, pretribbers, etc, people that may not have all their facts right (and who of us has all of our facts right?). Listen to the next one not with a prejudiced mind that has been poisoned with hatred for a perceived enemy (and remember what Jesus said we should do for our enemies, perceived or real?):

These are difficult to watch, I agree, especially after years of indoctrination into believing a lie. Again, I want to stress that I'm not anti-Semitic, and if you listen to the next one all the way through without a prejudiced mindset, you will hear that George isn't anti-Semitic either. He asks a question of a Jewish caller, and in the end, the Jewish caller finds that he agrees with George. Take a listen:

Who gave Great Britain the right to give away someone else's land? At one time I would have answered like the Jewish caller did at the beginning of the conversation. But truly, was the Lord in that agreement? He allowed things to happen, just like He allows alot of things to happen, but was it the Lord giving the Zionists the land? Or was it the strong arm of flesh? Was it man trying to force something and then call it the will of God? Are we supposed to support such a thing?

Holographic Imagery

This "show" at a building in Berlin, Germany, is beautiful and has people clapping and cheering, oohing and ahhhing, and since they say the military is always at least 10 years ahead of commercial technology, it has me wondering what "they" are doing (or going to do) with it? This truly shows how they can make us see what they want us to see, believe what they want us to believe:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's All Relative....

Interesting and short but very sweet. This young lady really did her homework! :)


This is an amazing film:

There are alot of elements about this film that I find very interesting.

It also had me thinking about many who believe this fleshy mortal body is so important that God thinks it needs to be kept from going through the things that the early church went through, and what the holocaust victims went through... and what millions of babies went through.


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Info Please for the year 2011

Where you can look up many things that happened in 2011, I like it because it is in nice and neat categories:


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

"Signs and Wonders" of the 1800's

I was continuing my search of the history of the pretribulation rapture theory, when I realized that there were many aberrant doctrines spawning right about that same time period.

There were the Millerites, who taught that the rapture would occur in 1844. The Millerite doctrine led to the "Bible Student Movement" later called the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Seventh day Adventist sect.

Then there was Joseph Smith who concocted a story about golden plates, and visions he had while looking into a hat, founder of "The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and the Missouri based "Community of Christ" which boasts of 14 million members worldwide.

That was the same time period that Margaret MacDonald got her revelation that claimed she got the hidden knowledge of a pretribulation rapture. She believed that part of the Church would be raptured before the Great tribulation (the Philadelphians) and a part that would remain on earth to suffer the wrath of God (the Laodiceans).

Charles Finney also began his "revival meetings" during the 1800's

The 1800's was also the time of the "industrial revolution".  It also was the time of the beginning of the women's movement.

I found an interesting timeline about the revivals of the 1800's.

I'm still trying to understand the bigger picture of all of this "religious" activity and social reform...and the underpinnings of what we now see as our "modern society" and what "the Church" has evolved into in our modern times.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Pretrib Assumptions vs What Does the Bible Really Say?

First off, let me begin by saying that I don't mean to offend anyone who visits and thinks this is an attack on their beliefs. That is not my intention. I was going to post a picture with this blog entry, but I decided not to because I thought that perhaps it would be interpreted as a mocking gesture, and I certainly don't mean it that way at all.  I want us all, me included, to challenge any beliefs that might trip us up in the long run, after all, eternity is a very long time, to hold onto wrong beliefs stubbornly out of wanting to be right regardless of whether we actually are. I hope we can all keep reexamining what we believe and why, and have Jesus search our thoughts and our hearts to really see if it is true with what He wants us to understand about Him. You might look at this article and think it is total rubbish, and that is ok too, but please give it an honest going over before you decide that, and ask Jesus to reveal to you if you indeed have been led astray with a false belief system which did not originate from Him at all.

Is the Pretrib doctrine "another gospel"?

Four changes that were made to support the pretrib doctrine:

1) a second Gospel, the Gospel of the Kingdom, which is distinguished from the Gospel of Grace.
2) a second group of saints, called “Tribulation saints,” who are not the pretrib saints who (they say) have been taken out and will not be present during the Tribulation.
3) a second group of “the elect,” who constitute those “redeemed during the Tribulation,” as opposed to the elect, who are the Church.
4) another Second Coming, which is secret, invisible, seen only by those who are supposedly taken out prior to the Tribulation. This first Second Coming is not only invisible to “those who dwell upon the earth”; it is invisible to the honest, unbiased Bible student as well.

Read the article that I excerpted (and shortened) above from:

Ok, it's obvious that I don't buy this doctrine at all. There are many problems when you really dig into scripture, and this remake falls apart because like the above shows, you have to make categories that just aren't supported by the actual text and which then leads to further "reading into" the scriptures things that just are not there. 

I do believe that there will be many who are "taken away" prior to the Great Tribulation, by death. I think that Jesus knows who can handle what will happen during that time, and will strengthen them to do His will during that time. Many will die violent deaths like the early Christians of Jesus and the Apostle Paul's times when they were executed in the public arenas or lit on fire to light the way for Nero's ego. Many Christians are dying today, of heart conditions, or other health problems, or old age. They are being removed prior to the Great Tribulation. Could Jesus keep them alive to live and see what happens during that time? Sure He could...He can do anything, He could even have 2 second comings or a second coming in 2 parts as some people call it. But Jesus clearly states that when He comes EVERY EYE WILL SEE HIM. He also warned about those who will say that He will come in secret or out in the desert, and not to believe them.

I do agree that certain parts of the Bible were specifically written to Jewish believers, such as the book of Hebrews...but that doesn't then mean that it has nothing in it for us. The book of Hebrews talks about alot of things that were specific to the Jewish way of life, that they could really relate to, so it made the teachings very accessible for them to apply to the things that they encountered in their every day normal way of life...and we could also learn from the book of Hebrews (a tough read, for sure), if we take the time to study it all out, so we too can learn from the lessons that specifically used examples from the Hebrew culture of Jesus' day. I'm using that as an example of how teachings were Hebrew specific, but available to Gentiles (the Church included here) as well.

Let us be sober minded and not have our ears tickled with doctrines that make an easy escape our rule for living. Let us remember what Jesus said about the persecution He suffered and that those who follow Him will also likewise suffer intense persecution. For us, that time of persecution has not yet arrived, but I believe it will be upon us soon. Let us be ready, like the wise virgins who had oil in their lamps, and were prepared for come what may, rather than only wanting to believe in an easy way out.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Christian Zionism

Please prayerfully consider the sobering words in this video, it's an hour long, and it can be listened to while doing other things because it is an audio with pictures, if you can at least listen to what is said, it is well worth your consideration. There are many tricks up the devil's sleeve, and who does he want to misdirect most if not the church? If he can get church attenders to do things "in Jesus name" that are completely against the golden rule of "Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself" and to "Pray for Israel" and "Pray for your enemies" by thinking it is perfectly Christian to bomb our perceived enemies and support policies which state such, are we not making the truth of God evil spoken of?